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Organic traffic from Google via rank number one positions are gettting, on average, a 300% increase in organic clicks, leads, and sales versus any other digital marketing channel

YubeeOne is an agency who are collaborating with different digital hubs, as well as a cluster of technological partners, digital media outlets, and content writers in Europe. Our goal is to provide enterprises with better solutions for lower prices.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We help businesses improve their Google rankings.

Business Monitoring &
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Tracking of completed goals allows us to measure the value of your digital marketing.

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We give our clients access to an online platform that shows progress of their SEO rankings, click reports, and automatic calculations of cost per action.

YubeeOne collaborating partners:

Foll Advertising Agency

We are a modern and result-oriented advertising agency with a long and solid experience in retail, product development, design, and advertising.


We provide services in visual communication, graphic design, web design, digital consulting, digital strategy, search engine optimization, illustration and much more.

We are a hybrid agency that has the expertise of a traditional advertising agency and the digital expertise to leverage it.

YubeeOne is among one of 500 companies worldwide that are certified as Digital Marketing Professionals. The advanced training and exams include 8 certificates which are mentioned below:

Recipients of the “Certified Digital Marketer Professional” designation must complete 8 advanced online courses (totaling 43 modules with 419 lessons) and pass 34 quizzes, 8 exams, and a specialized comprehensive final exam and final project that tests on the full spectrum of full-funnel marketing methods including Conversion Funnels & Customer Value Optimization, Content Marketing, Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition, Social & Community, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Analytics & Data, and Optimization & Testing.

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Here is a list of our most common questions we got when we are in meetings or sending an offer to prospects.

  • Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads managament with AI system and programmatic
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) 
  • eCommerce collobration
    We do marketing – you ship the products.

Our SEO expert is specialized and trained in Google Guidelines and are dedicated to follow Google guidelines to 100%

Following Google guidelines is the only way for safe SEO.

Before we can set a price we need to know the diagnosis of your website.

We need to define which keywords that are important for your business and we also need to consider the competition behind each keywords.

Based on these analysis we will setup a concrete plan that typically requires to-do tasks for on-site. off-site and on-going monitoring of the progress and ROI.


Relevance refers to how well a Google search listing matches what someone is searching for. Adding complete and detailed business information and products/service description can help Google better understand your business and match your listing to relevant searches.


Prominence refers to how well-known a business is. Some places are more prominent in the offline world, and search results try to reflect this in local ranking. For example, famous museums, landmark hotels, or well-known store brands that are familiar to many people are also likely to be prominent in local search results.


Prominence is also based on information that Google has about a business from across the web (like links, articles, and directories). Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will probably improve a business’s local ranking. Your position in web results is also a factor, so SEO best practices also apply to local search optimization.


There’s no way to request or pay for a better local ranking on Google. Google do their best to keep the details of the search algorithm confidential to make the ranking system as fair as possible for everyone.

However, YubeeOne has 20+ years experience in how Google rank websites and with this knowledge we are considered as among top elite SEO services.



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Organic vs Paid Search: 

Why SEO Marketing Generates More Clicks

Keywords to optimize the article for: organic vs paid search, SEO agency, SEO services

If you’re worried that your site won’t get any traffic if it’s further down in search engines, you’re right to think about this. In fact, 92% of people don’t even bother to click past the first page of results when making a Google search!

Fortunately, there are ways that you can get your page at the top of Google searches and drive traffic to your website. As someone who runs a business, you probably have heard a bit about organic vs paid search results as well as SEO services, but you likely are still a bit unclear about what this means. If that’s still hazy, then it’s even less likely that you know which is better for getting a higher volume of clicks on your business website!

Here, we’re going to define what each of these services is and what an SEO agency can provide. Then, we’ll compare and contrast these two kinds of services to figure out which is better for growing businesses. Read on if you want to be successful in growing your business and reaching potential clientele.

What Are SEO Services?

The best way to drive traffic to your webpage is by using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. While you’ve likely heard this common term before, you may still b interested to learn what it means and how using this strategy can get you clicks. Read on to learn why hiring a reputable SEO agency is the right choice for any budding business in all industries!

Defining SEO

SEO is basically the optimisation of your place in search engines to put you onto higher pages than you otherwise would be. For example, if you were on page 5 of Google results before using SEO, you can bump yourself to the first page after hiring an SEO agency.

On the most basic level, SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. It does this by increasing the visibility of your webpage to those who use web search engines like Google.

Keyword Usage

One of the main ways that these services boost rankings is by using keywords that relate to your goods and services and placing them into blog posts that go on your webpage.

Using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, SEO experts can see the highest volume keywords that people search in relation to your webpage. This basically refers to the keywords that people have clicked your site the most often after searching. By upping the number of times that this keyword is seen on your webpage, you can show search engine crawlers that you’re the most relevant page relating to those keywords.


A good SEO agency doesn’t slack off when it comes to showing these search engine crawlers that you have a reputable, high-quality webpage, either. A major part of this process is the use of backlinks, which are links inserted into keyword-optimised blog posts to relevant and reputable websites.

As long as you have quality backlinks- a fact that an SEO agency will confirm before putting them into the blog post- Google crawlers will recognise your site as credible, too. In associating you with other reputable pages, you’ll be bumped up to their level and beyond.

You also will reap benefits if other pages use your blog as a backlink! You can get other pages to link back to your website by purchasing guest posting services that pair you up with related pages. You can also simply form relationships with other companies who will request your page be linked to when they hire SEO professionals.

The Effects of SEO

SEO may sound like a lot of work, but it actually is no work for you. An SEO agency will do all the research on what keywords and backlinks to include, and they’ll also hire experienced professional writers to create original content that people are sure to be interested in reading.

Despite the fact that you need to do zero work to get SEO services, you’ll get many effects. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Within six months, your page will move up a few pages in search engines.
  • The higher your webpage is, the lower it pushes your competitors. This will ensure that people use your services over those of your competitors.
  • More SEO professionals will use your page as a backlink for other page’s blog posts. SEO is a cycle- the more you invest in it, the more you’ll naturally gain!

The Benefits of Organic Rankings

Okay, so now you understand that SEO boosts your rankings in search engines and that it’s a tool that’s meant to help organic searches for your business. But what does it mean to rank organically? How does this drive traffic and ultimately lead to more sales for your company? Read on to answer these questions (and more)!

What Does It Mean to Rank Organically?

Ranking organically means that your page will get more traffic naturally rather than you having to pay for it. The traffic that your blog gets will be due to the fact that it’s high-caliber content, which benefits you in a few ways. First, when people click on your blog posts, they’re more likely to read what your site has to offer. This makes them more likely to seek out your services.

Furthermore, organic traffic is cyclical. Because you’ll rank highly in the keywords most searched before clicking on your website, you’re going to get more people clicking on your page with these already high-volume keywords. The fact that more people will click on your page means that your page will be even more linked to these keywords and ultimately keep it in a high-up position in the search results.

Basically, the higher that you rank organically, the higher you’ll continue to rank organically in the future! 

Ranking Your Awesome Website

Also, if you want to boost the organic traffic of your website, you’re going to need to update your home page as well as your navigation. You’ll want a user-friendly site that appeals to the consumer. This will keep people on your page longer and drive more clicks. They won’t leave your page too quickly to see what you have to offer, and you’ll sell more goods. Therefore, you’ll become more reputable to search engine crawlers.

In order to ensure that your website is up to par and can continue to rank highly, you’ll need to follow some general guidelines for web design. Even if you aren’t an expert designer, you’ll still need to:

  • Have an easy-to-use navigation page where consumers can click on the area of your site that they want to be taken to
  • Incorporate graphics and visuals on your page- 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video about a given service
  • Design with colours that people like- blue is the favoured web design colour among internet users of all ages and genders
  • Have a well-developed about page and detailed product/service descriptions
  • Link to your SEO-rich blog posts from your home page

Organic vs Paid Search: The Throwdown

Now that you understand all the reasons why organic rankings are great, it’s time to take a look at the alternative: paid search results. Read on to learn more about what this means and whether or not using these services can compare to using those that generate organic traffic!

What’s Paid Search, Anyway?

Organic searches are those that come from other people finding your links among search results in Google. Your organic ranking goes up when the quality of your page rises and more people click on it. In contrast, paid search results are those that a business has paid to have appear at the top of search results in a search engine. It has nothing to do with the quality of the page or the traffic it garners.

Since ranking high organically is competitive and difficult for many small businesses, lots of companies have been turning to paid search rankings recently. However, this will ultimately be detrimental to their business because these rankings aren’t sustainable. You might pay to be placed higher in Google and still not be able to get high-traffic volume. Other pages will then rank above you organically.

Furthermore, as more and more people begin to invest in paid rankings, the prices get higher and higher. Eventually, your business would need to cut its funding in other important areas if it wanted to maintain its search rankings, which is generally a poor decision when trying to offer quality services.

Google Ads (and Why They Aren’t That Great)

Google Adwords sounds like a great concept in theory: write the ad, enter the target audience, use keyword rankings, and generate instant traffic.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality of Google ads.

This technology is rife with issues, the most important being that your ads don’t ever actually reach your target audience. When you use Google Ads and similar paid search technologies, you can bid on two kinds of keywords: broad keywords and longtail keywords. A broad keyword for a company that sells web design services would be something like ‘web design.’ A longtail keyword would be something like ‘small business web design in London.”

However, there are rules that define the type of keywords that a company can actually use based on its current level as a company. A small business may not be able to afford longtail keywords and therefore start showing their London agency to people in Cardiff.

There are also only so many aspects of a company that can be entered into one keyword. The above longtail keyword may sound specific, but it truly isn’t. What types of web design services does this hypothetical company offer? We don’t know, and neither does Google. This will generate no interest and people will immediately click out of the website.

You also can’t enter demographics on paid search technologies. With organic searches, you can target specific browser languages or specific countries. However, paid search ads like Google Adwords don’t let this happen. You’ll only be able to target basic ages or genders.

The Final Verdict

So, the final verdict on whether organic vs paid search is superior? Organic traffic is better by far.

Here’s the basic run-down:

  • High-volume keywords and backlinking, both key SEO strategies, have been proven effective time and time again. Paid searches use none of these strategies and therefore won’t drive your page up search engines in the long run.
  • Because organic rankings are driven by site quality, innovative pages like yours should have little trouble ranking. The need for a quality webpage also will help to drive inspiration and innovation so that you keep moving forward.
  • Organic search results are more inexpensive, cost-effective, and sustainable in the long term than paid ones are.
  • You’ll be able to actually reach your target audience with paid search, while you’re likely to reach the wrong people with paid rankings.

Hire an SEO Agency Today!

Using organic vs paid search services to rank your business web page may sound like a difficult decision in theory, but in practice, it’s a no-brainer. Organic search rankings are not only better for placing your page above the competition in search engines, but they also help you reach the target audience that you most need to reach.

Now that you know the benefits of using SEO services to generate traffic for your website, it’s time to invest in these services. Click here to contact us and ask any questions you may have about the organic search services that we offer. As an SEO agency with 20+ years of experience, and we deliver SEO services for high competition keywords following 100% Google guidelines.

Choosing our agency is a wise choice if you aim for the top position for keywords with high competition, so we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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