9 Reasons Your Business Should Outsource to an SEO Company

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If you think that a higher ranking in Google is going to get you a higher volume of traffic to your website, you’re absolutely correct. In fact, the first five organic search engine results constitute 67.60% of all clicks upon searching for a given keyword. This means that if you aren’t in these results, your page is going to lose out to the competitors that have outranked you!

This is something that’s obviously to be avoided at all costs, but how can you control this?

Hiring a reliable SEO company is essential to boosting your rankings. While it may be tempting to try and DIY SEO on your site, you should absolutely not do this. Here, we’re going to discuss why outsourcing to an SEO Company UK service is absolutely essential to improving your business’s rankings.

1. SEO Is a Team Effort

If you try to DIY your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, you’re likely going to have one or two people working to produce the content for your webpage. This means that a couple of your employees are going to be spending nearly all of their time crafting SEO-rich content that they aren’t experts in creating.

Moreover, in order to have good, well-crafted SEO blog posts, you’re going to need multiple sets of eyes on the content you’re producing. Not showing your work to the appropriate amount of people can lead to grammatical errors that make you look unprofessional. More importantly, it can lead to incorrect, ineffective keyword use and the incorporation of links that are unreliable.

Because of this, you may actually lower your rankings! Search engine crawlers aren’t going to identify an unprofessional post that has backlinks to unreliable sources as reliable. That just isn’t reality.

Using a professional SEO company stops these issues from coming to fruition. You’ll have an entire team of professionals working together to identify appropriate keywords, backlinks, and relevant topics for your blog posts. You’ll also ensure that your post is seen by many people before being posted, which stops fluff from being inserted into your content and prevents annoying keyword stuffing.

2. We Have the Appropriate Tools

We use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to help us identify the highest-volume keywords for your blog post. Our professionals have high-quality paid accounts on sites like these, where they can click on a button and view the keywords that are associated with your website. Here, SEO company professionals will find information on what the most searched keywords are, those that are the easiest (and hardest) to rank with and more!

But, you may be asking, why can’t I just get an account on these sites?

The answer to this question is twofold. First, an account on reliable sites like these- an account that allows you to access all the features- is expensive. In fact, it will likely cost you more to pay monthly for such an account than it will to hire an SEO professional who already has access to them through the company that they work for!

Secondly, if you’re unfamiliar with the intricacies of SEO, it can be difficult to figure out which keywords on a list of hundreds are the most likely to generate traffic. Our professionals are trained to be able to do this in a matter of minutes, but teaching yourself is a near-impossible task.

3. Ensures Data-Backed Insight

Because of all the tools that SEO professionals have at their disposal, you’re sure to get insight into your services that are backed by data and statistics.

What does this mean?

Well, basically, SEO professionals are able to see and monitor when your rankings rise. The companies you outsource to will then be able to experiment with new SEO strategies and see what works best for your individual webpage within your specific niche. If a certain tactic works best, whether that’s incorporating certain keywords or marketing towards a specific audience, then the company will know to do that the next time that you purchase your services!

We also are a fully transparent SEO company UK provider. This means that you’ll know what we’re doing to boost your rankings and when we’re doing it. So, don’t fear that you’re losing control over your business by outsourcing SEO to us- this isn’t the case at all!

4. Constant Measuring of Data (and Improvements to SEO)

Because we monitor what works for your company vs what doesn’t, we’ll be able to identify and improve the things that work best for your business.

With your consent, we’ll be able to access data regarding the trends in your company’s search volume traffic. Are the keywords that we’re using actually working in boosting your webpage? Are there other keywords that should be focused on next time because they’re increasing in search volume for whatever reason?

All of these are questions that we’ll strive to answer in our data analysis. Once we answer these questions, we can implement strategies that work for you!

Also, it’s just a fact of life that it takes about 4-6 months for SEO results to be visible. With the right tools, we’re able to better project when you’ll begin ranking so that you have an estimate of when your page will become more visible. This will let you choose what other marketing strategies you want to implement, such as SEM and SMM, in the meantime!

5. Builds Relationships

Hiring an SEO company is also a great way to build relationships with related companies.

For one thing, guest blogging is one of the hugest trends in SEO right now. This is essentially a system where you pair with a related site and incorporate backlinks to their site within your content. This leads to a mutually beneficial relationship where your reliable, SEO rich site generates reliability for them and vice versa. Search engine crawlers identify two reliable sites working together, and wham! A boost to both your rankings.

However, this relationship can only be established when you have SEO professionals working to pair sites together. If you ask us to do so, our company will pair your website with other clients so that you can backlink to one another’s sites within your content!

Another way that hiring an SEO company in the UK benefits you in forming relationships is by giving you visibility. Since you’ll be higher up than your competitors in search engines, those who go online looking for your services will see you first.

This is a great B2B marketing strategy since those in charge of other, related businesses will see you first. They will therefore be more likely to request backlinks to your page, which boosts your rankings even further. They also will be more likely to reach out to you when they need services related to yours, which is a great way to make sales!

6. Saves Time and Money

As you may expect, the outsourcing of SEO services is a big time-saver for you and your company.

If you were to try to DIY your SEO, you would need to spend days training your existing employees in how to research keywords and to produce content that’s fit to be included on your webpage. Not only will this take a lot of time, but your existing employees aren’t professional writers! Their efforts would better be focused on other tasks that you actually hired them for in the first place.

With the time spent on training and the time that you would need to spend proofreading and correcting the work of these amateur writers, you’ll be wasting days, maybe weeks, of productivity. As they say, time is money, so you’ll want to avoid this at all costs!

Additionally, outsourcing to an SEO company saves you money in other ways, too. As we touched on before, you won’t need to individually pay for services like Ahrefs and SEMrush. The pros that you hire will already have access. You also won’t need to pay for people to proofread your posts because our professionals and quality control staff will be doing this for you already.

7. You Can Focus Efforts Elsewhere

When you save time and money by outsourcing SEO, you’ll be able to focus your energy (and your employees’) on where it matters: developing your services!

You can use this time to innovate new ways to make the services that you offer better and more user-friendly. Research best practices in your individual niche to make sure that you’re in the loop. You’ll also want to talk to others within your company and see whether or not they have ideas for streamlining your services.

Additionally, you’ll have time to reach out to customers and ask for reviews. This will help you understand what you’re doing well and what areas you can improve on at your business.

Since marketing is also important, it’s crucial that you take this time to look into some other ways to get the word about your business to potential clients. Here are some aspects of effective marketing that you can focus in rather than spending time worrying about your SEO:

  • Coming up with creative, user-friendly web design for your official webpage
  • Reaching out to other companies with related services to engage in B2B marketing
  • Creating and maintaining social media pages on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Creating video content to share on your website and social media pages- after all, 73% of people are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video on it!

8. Delivery of Professional Content

Using a professional SEO company is also going to allow you to deliver professional content to your webpage. By this, we mean that there won’t be any preventable errors in spelling, grammar, or structural format of content. These issues, while minor, all serve to make your business appear unprofessional and sloppy. In short, they’re to be avoided at all costs!

Not only do we always ensure that multiple sets of eyes are put on a given blog post, but we also use tools like Grammarly to catch any mistakes before posting them.

Additionally, SEO writers are trained to write in a tone that’s both formal and approachable at the same time. This ensures that you carry a professional and knowledgeable voice while still relating to people on a human-to-human level. No excessive ‘thus’-ing in your blog posts!

9. SEO Company = Outside Perspective

Finally, hiring an outside SEO company to make your blog posts means that you’ll be allowing someone with an outside perspective to write for your company.

While no one understands what you do and what you sell better than yourself and your employees do, this isn’t always the voice that you need when writing for your company. As an expert on your services, you’re more likely to use jargon from your industry when writing blog posts. You’re also likely to make assumptions on what the average reader knows vs what they don’t.

Because of this, it’s better to bring in someone who isn’t necessarily a full-blown expert in your niche. SEO professionals are trained researchers, so they’ll thoroughly look through your webpage (and others) to get the information they need to craft an awesome article. All the while, they’re learning, and they will be acutely aware that they can’t make any assumptions about their readers!

SEO Company UK Services

While DIYing your SEO-rich content may initially sound like a good idea, there’s no worse way to attempt to boost your rankings. In fact, doing this can even be counterproductive! That’s why SEO company UK services are an essential part of marketing any company or startup.

Now that you know why you need to outsource to a reliable SEO company, it’s time to get started! Click here to contact us and ask us about improving your rankings on Google and in other search engines. We’re more than happy to answer your specific inquiries and look forward to using the tools and professionals at our disposal to craft professional SEO content for your business.

Good luck!